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If you're new to parrots, learn these four things and you'll basically never die a bird!

We have many friends who buy and keep birds on a weekday with the starting point of curiosity, boredom and love!

But here is a lot of what we need to learn and learn from, if you do not pay attention to our beloved pets may have such and such hidden dangers, as well as the risk of illness or even death. Today, I'm here to talk briefly, of course, there are said to be incorrect or incomplete place, please also criticize the guidance!


First, choose the species

We like parrots or other birds have to go to choose what kind of stage of the birds suitable for you, if you like to be able to loved ones can interact with their own, I suggest buying no nest to take back to the hand can raise a few days of the most ideal, of course, if you do not have experience smack of wasting their own time you can also buy the breeder hand can be directly on the hands of the unafraid of the people, here to remind you of the hand-raised birds are generally more expensive than the average bird, here! It is necessary to feed the breeder's leisure time to special separate feeding of birds not out of the nest, a penny a penny, the general hand-raised birds fed powdered milk when they were young, but also divided into good and bad, I will not do a detailed introduction. The focus is also a strong body spirit state good claw mouth parts are healthy and not deformed the best, there is a clean body, after all, clean will also reduce the virus disease and insect poisoning hidden danger! Of course, if you have the conditions to see the character of the breeding bird that would be better, as the saying goes, good genes can affect the next generation, the general genes and physical character of the breeding bird will also be a good bird offspring will be higher probability! Caged birds will not do a detailed description and analysis of the proposal, according to the latter several suggestions, the guys will also have reference!


Second, the feeding environment

After we choose their favorite birds, the next thing you have to do to their favorite pet's environment and bird cage!

We have four seasons a year in the Northeast is more distinct, here in the spring and winter for the probability of disease more common season, spring wind germs are more, gastrointestinal diseases occur from time to time, winter temperatures are relatively low, winter temperature is best to control the temperature in the best between 15 degrees to 25 degrees, the temperature is too low will cause influenza, endangering the life of the pet birds!

In summer, after July is hot, I don't recommend hanging the box breeding, because the temperature in the breeding box will also cause the breeder to die of heatstroke, and the young birds will not develop well! Spring and fall are the most suitable for breeding young birds, of course, if your home conditions are very favorable, there are summer cooling devices and winter heating devices, the two unfavorable conditions can be ignored! I don't recommend that breeders breed with eggs, as this will hurt the birds, and even if you breed with them to make money, you have to consider whether the breeder's physical condition can withstand it.

Back to what we said, the choice of birdcage, breeding parrots generally choose rectangular or square cage, here to see personal preference, round birdcage general parrots will feel insecure! And we keep birds on weekdays in the best in the limited conditions can get some sunlight to shine on our favorite birds, as for bathing, we can be in the bird's cage or other birds in the visible area to put a small water basin can not be submerged birds for our favorite birds to get adequate bathing conditions. Most birds like to wet their feathers at the right temperature for bathing! It is also a good idea to sanitize the cage, we have pet sanitizers available online and in pet stores, the better the environment, the stronger and healthier your pet will grow, the more beautiful it will be!


Third, feeding food and drinking water, healthy nutritional supplementation

Feeding birds most of the grain cereals only millet and yellow grains more common in the market, I do not recommend feeding only one grain, which will lead to their birds malnutrition, feathers dull and not beautiful! You can configure a variety of grains according to different seasons, different ratios to mix and blend, here it is recommended to feed birds less oily grains in summer and three volts! Drinking water for birds is best not to feed us directly from the water pipe out of the raw water, raw water containing impurities unhealthy bacteria can lead to birds triggered gastrointestinal disease, I recommend ordinary boiled water, and mineral water. Nutrition on weekdays can also use fruits, vegetables to fill, here the core of the fruit and seeds are best to remove, and vegetables should be cleaned many times, before feeding. The vegetables should be washed several times before feeding. Remember not to feed the cool vegetables and fruits as much as possible! On weekdays, we can also add some pet calcium powder, electrolyte powder, cod liver oil, of course, these three kinds of phases and dosage to feed the birds properly, please refer to the manual for details!


Fourth, the careful concentration of the breeder

The so-called most rare is the breeder's patience and dedication, I think the ancients of the look and smell, also applies to our daily bird life, take out a little of your time to observe more of the movements and state of the birds you keep, listen to other bird friends of the bird experience, and more to exchange our own bird experience, if we pay more attention, I believe that we keep the birds will be healthy and beautiful! Finally, I wish all of you to enjoy the process of keeping birds!

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