Cat this 5 parts to touch more, it will love you more, but many pet owners do not touch?

Perhaps in the impression of many people, cats are high and cold and do not want to have close contact with their masters, but in fact, they are not.

When a cat falls in love with its master, it also wants to be hugged and touched by the master.

Cats are eager to master touch it these parts, the master usually touch more, it will love you more, but many pet owners do not touch.


Cats are eager to be touched parts


I don't know if you have found that when a cat feels scared, the owner gently touches its back and it will quickly calm down. In fact, the owner touching the cat's back can give it the signal of stability, which will also make the cat become dependent on you and trust you.

And stroking along the bones and hair of the cat's back will make it feel comfortable. Usually, if you touch your cat's back more often, it will love you more, but many pet owners do not touch it.


The owner gently stroking the cat's head can actually make the cat feel loved and pampered, so the cat is eager to be touched by the owner. And the cat's head has many neurons that are particularly sensitive, and being stroked will stimulate its acupuncture points, just like in a massage, which will make it feel comfortable.


In fact, cats have an unspeakable hobby, that is, being patted on the buttocks, because there is a "G" point near the buttocks of cats, being gently patted and stroked, will stimulate the cat and make the cat feel comfortable. So cats are very eager to be touched by their owners, and if you often touch their bottom, they will become especially dependent on you and will fall deeply in love with you.

So if your cat with the butt to you, do not be embarrassed, touch it, pat it, this is the performance of love it!


Many cats will take the initiative to the master belly, rolling on the ground for petting, when the master gently touch its belly, the cat will be satisfied with the eyes closed, and even issued a comfortable purr, so it can be seen, it is more eager to be master touch belly.

And the cat's belly is "glass belly", both important and fragile, generally will not be exposed at will, if it shows you the belly without reservation, it also means that it trusts you, very much love you Oh!


The dominant chin touch is also very popular with cats. By gently scratching your cat's chin with a few fingers, the pet owner can not only help relieve its itch, but also stimulate its acupuncture points and make it feel comfortable. So many times, when you touch your cat's chin, the cat will close its eyes and enjoy.

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