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Heating Lamp Hanging Anti-scalding Mesh Cover

Heating Lamp Hanging Anti-scalding Mesh Cover

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The hanging mesh cover is more safe for pets Do not need to worry about the wire getting wet by pet's urine or being bit.

Suitable for all kinds of pets:
lizards, rabbits, sugar gliders, chinchillas, turtles, hamsters, parrots, etc.

-Prevent pets from being burned by direct contact with the bulb.
-Prevent pets from getting electrocuted when the bulb breaks and the hot wire is exposed.
-Prevents pets from being injured when bulbs explode due to aging.

-Hot-prevent hole cover: the clasp is fixed no need to worried about pet climbing.
-Hookup: can be hung on the pet cage or placed anywhere.
-With anti-bite tube: the cover has a section of anti-bite spring to prevent the pet from electric shock due to biting the wire.
-The switch can control the lamp's on and off independently.
- Lamp base is made of pure copper: strong conductivity- save electricity, not easy to cause heating lamp not working due to aging.

Material: Iron

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