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Probugs Blue Tongued Dubia Insect Puree

Probugs Blue Tongued Dubia Insect Puree

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Get your insect-loving pet excited with Probugs Blue Tongued Dubia Insect Puree! This nutrient-rich formula boasts an enhanced palatability to ensure your pet devours every last bite. With up to 80% high insect content, this puree also provides quality and convenience for easy feeding.

Material: Dubia 

NET WT: 2.82oz (80g)


1. During the shelf life, please place it indoors in a cool place for storage and avoid direct sunlight.
2. After opening, please close the bottle tightly, keep it refrigerated and use it within 30 days to achieve the best quality.
3. If the bag is found to have bulging and swelling phenomenon, please stop using.

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