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Reptile Chameleon Feending Bowl

Reptile Chameleon Feending Bowl

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Chameleon feeding bowl create a senseof hunting on tree trunks for Reptiles andAmphibians, helping them get more exercise andmaking them bold.
The chains at the fop can hang this feeder in theterrarium, and the suction cup on the bottom canflx it on eny flat surface.
Chameleon feeding bowi takes the grid designto allow bugs to crawi on it, which is helpful forreptile pets to find and prey.
The inner wall is very smooth so the bugs arenot easy easy to escape once being put in.
Simple design, easy to assemble anddisassemble if you want to clean.
Compared with traditional feeders, it canincrease the interaction with reptiles andeffectively enhance the experience of raisingreptiles.

Material: Stainless Steel / Iron
Size: As shown

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