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Poplar Wood Chips Small Pellets

Poplar Wood Chips Small Pellets

Giá thông thường $12.95 USD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $12.95 USD
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Brand: Nomoy Pet

Updated Technology Enable It Has A High Storage Capacity Of Moisture Up To 91%, Odourless And Dust Free.
-Made of poplar log, processed sci- entifically, natural and safe.
-Dust free and sanitary, effective moisture absorption flaments. To keep the sanitary of living environment, please clean the wood wool regularly.
-Made of renewable resources, suits for birds, lizards, land turtle, ball python and insects.

Weight: 500g / 1.10lb
Material: Poplar Wood

Size:  3-5mm / 0.12"-0.20"
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